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Year: 2010

Government Minister Richard Caborn MP issues a rallying call

Government Minister Richard Caborn MP issues a rallying call for Regional Government at a Fabian Conference in York 18 November 2000 Talk today about democratic renewal, constitutional change and the devolution of power to the English regions. Want to set

Lib Dems focus on Regional Government

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT POLICY Reforming Governance in the UK, Chapter 4, pp 26-34 Approved by Lib Dem Conference 2000 Decentralised Government 4.1 Introduction 4.1.1 The Liberal Democrats have long advocated devolution for Scotland and Wales (and when possible Northern Ireland) and

Labour Conference strongly backs Regional Government – Labour’s 2000 conference in Brighton unanimously passes a policy paper with excellent backing for Regional Government

Building a future for all National policy forum report to Labour conference 2000 Chapter on Environment, transport and the regions, pp66-68 EMPOWERING PEOPLE Labour’s key objectives: Empowering local people and revitalising local democracy. Modernising local government structures making it more

Enterprise and The Regions – Speech by Gordon Brown MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer at UMIST on Monday 29 January 2001

It is a pleasure to be here in Manchester this morning. For two centuries Manchester and the North West have been a world wide centre for manufacturing strength. This region led in the 19th Century and now it can lead