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Government to publish Green Paper
In a speech to Labour party activists in Glasgow, John Prescott announces that a Green Paper preparing the way for regional devolution will soon be published.

Gordon Brown speech
The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivers a strong hint that a second term Labour Government would move swiftly towards a referendum on regional devolution

Westminster Hall Debates – 17 January 2001 – Devolution
In a Commons debate, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru backed the case for a network of English assemblies

Labour Conference strongly backs Regional Government
Labour’s 2000 conference in Brighton unanimously passes a policy paper with excellent backing for Regional Government

Lib Dems focus on Regional Government
At their 2000 conference in Bournemouth, the Lib Dems make decentralising government one of their key aims

Speech by Richard Caborn MP
DTI Minister Richard Caborn MP issues a rallying call for Regional Government at a Fabian Conference in York 18 November 2000

Labour North Policy Statement
The Regional Board of Labour North unanimously backs Regional Government and calls for legislation within the next Parliament

Backbenchers support Regional Government
A House of Commons motion backing Regional Assemblies has gathered the support of over 140 MPs, proving strong support on Labour’s backbenchers. See if your MP was on the list

Funding Regional Assemblies
Do we need Barnett Mark II? A CFER brief 5 July 2000

The North South Divide
Regional Solutions to a National Problem. A CFER brief 17 May 2000

Empowering the Regions
A Charter88 paper by Michelle Mitchell and Dr John Tomaney calling for the creation of Regional Assemblies to answer the English Question

West Midlands Constitutional Convention Founding Statement
Key stakeholders in the West Midlands begin the process of debating Regional Government

Time for a Change
The North East Constitutional Convention come forward with a credible and strong model for devolution in the North East

Reaching Out
The Executive Summary of the Government’s own report, which dismisses the current tier of regional government as confused and uncoordinated. February 2000

Democratic Regions
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CFER e-bulletin
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