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West Midlands Constitutional Convention Founding Statement

We propose the creation of a West Midlands Constitutional Convention (WMCC), which will:

Regardless of race, creed or social status, bring together persons, groups, associations, political parties and companies wishing to debate and examine the possibilities for improved and democratically accountable regional government within the official Government region of the West Midlands.

Plan and effect debate, education and research round the need for an elected regional assembly for the West Midlands, paying particular attention to models of elected representation likely to include the widest cross-sections of the regional community.

Seek at all times to promote the above debate at the level of local communities, with appropriate outreach to those social groups under-represented within existing political forums
The Aim

The aim of the Convention will be to enable the people of the West Midlands to express a considered view to central Government on the issue of democratically accountable regional government. It will consider the economic and social benefits that representative regional government could bring to the region and in particular to disadvantaged communities and individuals, It will aim to bring about accountable and representative regional government for the West Midlands.

The Process

The Convention will build upon the regional network of its stakeholders, plus media contacts, to foster debate on the case for representative government for the region. We will:

Produce up to date, reliable briefing materials posing the key issues

Hold community based events regionally and sub-regionally designed to involve a wide cross section of West Midlanders in debating the merits of democratic regional government

Lobby and influence existing regional organisations, official or voluntary, on the merits of elected regional government

Maintain links with the Campaign For the English Regions, Charter 88 and other national bodies in order to inform West Midlanders of the wider debate on devolution.